Vegan Raw Food Recipes to Fill Your Week

Vegan Raw Food Recipes to Fill Your Week

The great thing about eating a raw food diet is that there is practically no cooking. In fact, if you cook anything at a temperature above one hundred and thirty degrees, you will start to kill some of the nutrients, and in turn, transform your raw food into cooked food. Most ovens don’t even start until 250 degrees, so cooking is not a worry for many people who look for vegan raw food recipes. It is important though, that you keep variety in your diet so you don’t get bored and reach for that big bag of potato chips. Here are some simple vegan raw food recipes that can fill up your week.

Many people who eat this type of diet will start with a morning smoothie. These smoothies can be delicious, and can also offer the widest range of variety. Nearly anything can go into a smoothie. Do you feel like bananas today? Strawberries? Mangoes? Combine any fruits that you want and you can enjoy a delicious morning breakfast. Make sure that you add water to your smoothie instead of milk to make sure that you have a vegan raw food recipe.

For lunch, many people will eat what is called a mono meal. A mono meal is a meal that consists of one food. It might sound boring, but think about all the different fruits and vegetables that exist. You can use your mono meals to explore different fruits and vegetables.

If you need a snack before dinner, you have two options. You can either eat another mono meal, or you can snack on nuts and grains. There is a wide variety of nuts and grains that you can choose from, so you need not worry about your meal being boring.

For dinner, most people who look for vegan raw food recipes will eat a salad. But this salad does not have to be the same every night. One night you can eat your basic lettuce salad with tomatoes and celery. The next night you can eat spinach leaves with red, orange, and yellow peppers. You can also eat a cucumber salad.

Raw vegan recipes do not have to be limiting. There are so many natural foods in the world, you just have to be creative, and open to new things. Eating a raw diet will help you to lose weight, and gain better health. Use these meal plans to fill up your week with healthy food.

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