Nutritious Vegan Juices

Nutritious Vegan Juices

Getting all of the nutrition and anti-oxidants your body requires for maximum health is very easy, once you start eating raw plant-based foods every day, and one of the easiest ways to do this consecutively is to drink vegans juices. These recipes are among the easy raw recipes, you will find, just mix them up and chug them down.

You will start feeling the powerful effects immediately, and this article gives you so many recipes to prepare different healthy vegan juices that you will never run out of variety. This article is perfect for starters and fun for dabblers, but a perfect for anybody seriously considering a full or high-raw lifestyle.

You know vegans, they do not eat or drink anything to do with anything that comes from animals, not meat or fish, not milk or eggs, not leather or fur, not even honey from bees. In my opinion, hens have to lay eggs and cows need to be milked and bees have to make honey anyway, so what’s the big issue, but whatever, no vegans have ever looked to me to prove their choices.

Anyhow, this limits options on meal ingredients, leaving many of things to be dealt with using our friend the soybean. Tofu, soy milk, soy ice cream, ,those fake hot dogs, I do not really know what else. All I do know is that vegans do not have their food touched by nasty animal juices. And I think it’s kind of fun to needle people with really strict lifestyle choices, especially those groups that get real militant about them, vegans being some of the worst offenders.

So it gave me an evil chuckle to watch the ham and eggs for my breakfast sandwich frying up with the tofu wedges for the day’s vegetarian dishes and vegan juices at the grill around the corner. Oh yeah, they were getting all mixed around, sharing vegan juices and grease, it was great.

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